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Online Admission Module – A Must Have In This Period Of COVID-19

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The current global pandemic has taken a toll on the educational sector. Schools, colleges and universities all around the world are pondering over how they can resume regular activities in the virtual space given the lack of infrastructure available to students as well as the institutions.

Moreover, these centers of education are also facing criticism with regard to the inefficiency in handling everything in the virtual space. This inefficiency is arising due to the use of free live streaming solutions which come with lack of data privacy and key virtual classroom features such as digital whiteboard, lesson sharing, video recording, etc. Also, these solutions are being highly used by most of the people for conducting video calling sessions that is causing bandwidth issues in many cases.

Educational institutions need to take one step at a time for smoothing out the process of regularization of activities in the virtual space. The first step that needs to be addressed is how the admission process will be conducted in the current scenario. The best option for institutions is to choose an online school ERP software such as UC-School which comes with the ‘Online Admission’ module.

What is Online Admission Module?

Online Admission Module of UC-School ERP software is an immensely useful module which assists educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities to efficiently conduct admissions of students to various grades and courses. The Online Admission module boasts of features such as online admission form, enquiry form, online interviews, application tracking, online fee payment, offline fee record-keeping, generation of reports, etc.

Given below are benefits of UC-Online Admission Module –

  1. Online Admission Form

The admission process for any institution begins with the distribution of admission forms to the aspiring students. With UC-School’s online admission module, teachers can easily send the admission forms to multiple students at the same time. Students and parents can fill the admission forms at ease and send it in one glimpse. This speeds up the admission form submission process which in turn saves a lot of resources of the educational institution.


  1. Enquiry Form

UC-Online Admission module also comes with a one-of-a-kind online form called ‘Enquiry form’ which enables students and parents to post their queries regarding the admission process to the relevant management officials or teachers. With the help of this feature, educational institutions can easily and quickly address the admission-related queries of the students and parents.


  1. Application Tracking

More often than not, the tracking of the applications of the students becomes a cause of concern mainly due to the volume of applications received. In order to make this process much more manageable, UC-School’s online admission module provides an ‘Application Tracking’ feature which facilitates the admission department officials to efficiently track the application process right from the submission of admission forms to the point of confirmation of admission.


  1. Fee Payment

Now, parents need not have to worry as to how the payment needs to be done for the academic year, since UC-School’s Online Admission Module comes with an ‘Online Fee Payment’ feature which enables parents to make fee payments online anytime, anywhere. If that’s not all, the school administrators can also maintain a record of the fee payments made offline using this feature.


  1. Online Interviews

UC-Online Admission Module comes with the awesome feature of ‘Online Interview’ using which educational institutions can conduct interviews of students via our live streaming solution. This kind of interview process will prove to be of great use in promoting social distancing amongst people thereby reducing the spread of the deadly pandemic coronavirus.


Technology has always proven to be a savior for humans and that is definitely true, even in the case of the educational sector. Educational institutions now need to becomes smart and adapt themselves to the changing times by implementing cost-effective and reliable software solutions like UC-Online Admission Module.

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